Clean Upgrade

Sometimes it may be desirable to perform a "clean" upgrade where you delete all the files in your original HelpSpot directory. Since all of your data is stored in the database this is a relatively easy operation to perform. This page describes the files which need to be saved and replaced if you want to perform a clean upgrade. Please backup your existing directory before trying this procedure.

Save these files:

  • config.php
  • All files in the custom_templates/ folder
  • All files in the custom_code/ folder
  • If you've customized anything in your language file you need to save that as well (helpspot/lang/)
  • If you're saving attachments to disk, be sure the attachment directory is not within the HelpSpot folder structure (which is should not be)

You may now delete the original HelpSpot installation directory. Unpack the new HelpSpot upgrade and place it where you like. To complete the upgrade replace the files saved above then run installer.php in your browser and finish out the normal upgrade procedure.

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