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6.3. Understanding Data Transfer to OpenAI When Using HelpSpot AI Functions

Your OpenAI Key and Data Transfer

In the interest of data privacy and security, HelpSpot utilizes your own OpenAI key for these AI functionalities. The data you send via HelpSpot's AI features is transferred directly to your own OpenAI account. This ensures that you have full control over your data and its security, as it's associated directly with your OpenAI account.

Action Prompts

Action prompts in HelpSpot allow users to invoke actions through intuitive, natural language instructions. When an action prompt is used, the data transferred to OpenAI is limited to the information specifically stated by the placeholders in the prompt.

Here are examples of some placeholders:

These placeholders define the specific pieces of information that are sent to OpenAI.

Summarize Request History Feature

HelpSpot's Summarize Request History feature is an advanced tool that uses AI to condense extensive request histories into a brief and coherent summary. In this case, the entire request history for the specific request is sent to OpenAI.

This is necessary to ensure the AI model has all the relevant information needed to generate a comprehensive and accurate summary.

Translate Request History Feature

The Translate Request History feature translates an individual request history item when requested. When this feature is used, only the specific request history item being translated is passed to OpenAI.

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