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2.1. Request Push Overview

The Request Push API allows you to "push" a request out of HelpSpot into another system. Using this functionality you can tie HelpSpot to other business applications such as bug trackers, CRM tools, Intranets, and communication systems.

The basics of the Request Push API are as follows. Once you've created a Request Push API file (outlined in the Implementation Guide) each request page will have a Request Push link in the options area. An optional comment can be added before selecting the receiving system and clicking the push button to initiate the process.

Once initiated within HelpSpot, your code will pick-up the request information and perform the action(s) you defined. Normally this will be a call to another systems API, but it could be a database insert, sending an email, etc.

You can optionally return to HelpSpot a unique ID. If a unique ID is provided HelpSpot will make available a link in the request where an update can be retrieved from the receiving system.


Example: a request is pushed to a bug tracker. A link would be available inside the request page that allows staff to retrieve the status of this bug. Your code returns an HTML block formatted as you have defined to show the information you need displayed. The left column is information provided by HelpSpot, the right column is your returned HTML.


Note: Since HelpSpot 2.6 a Request Push can also be initiated via an Automation Rule. This can be very useful in automating the pushing of requests into other systems.


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