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4.7. Sample Implementation: NetVibes Widget

This simple widget allows you to see your My Queue from the NetVibes homepage. It implements the private API and uses JSON to communicate with NetVibes. Download the file at the bottom of the page.


How to install the widget

  1. Make sure the private API is enabled in Admin->Settings
  2. Download the file and upload it to your web server in a public directory
  3. Go to www.netvibes.com
  4. In the left navigation of NetVibes select the Widgets tab
  5. Select "external widgets"
  6. Select "UWA Module"
  7. In the box that opens click "edit" enter the URL to the file you uploaded to your server, click OK.
  8. Click the "add to my page" link
  9. Once the widget is added, click the "edit" box and enter your username, password, and URL to your HelpSpot installation.

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