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1.1. Live Lookup Overview

Live lookup allows HelpSpot to communicate with an external database, CRM, or system storing customer information pertinent to the support staff.

The power of live lookup is it provides real-time access to data from external systems from within HelpSpot; ensuring accurate customer information and custom field data for reporting purposes.

Sample uses include looking up/inserting: customer ID, contact information, contract status, selected HR data, passwords, or even IT asset profiles.

Basic Workflow

Once enabled, use of live lookup follows this basic workflow.

  1. Staff click the Live Lookup tab found above the Customer Information box on the request page.
  2. HelpSpot sends all available customer information and custom field values to a script written by an Administrator (or other technical resource).
  3. The script will look up the customer information and compare to what is stored in the pre-defined system/database. (Examples: Active Directory, SalesForce).
  4. Customer information is returned and HelpSpot displays the results in an embedded window. If multiple matches are found, a list will be returned to the User for selecting the correct one.
  5. With the correct customer selected, their information (and any specified custom fields) can be inserted into HelpSpot.

Live Lookup in Action

The following shows live lookup as it appears for staff on the request page.

Subsequent pages in this chapter provide an in-depth look at configuration and implementation.

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