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4.3. API Error Codes

This page lists the error codes that may be returned by the HelpSpot Web Service API. Details on the XML format of errors is available on the API Basics page.

ID Error Message
001 Authentication information not sent
002 User authentication failed
003 Too many failed login attempts. Please wait a minute and try again
101 Required parameter ### not supplied (custom field parameters are considered required if they are included in an API call)
102 Valid access key required
103 Valid request ID required
104 Email or password not valid
105 Valid email required
201 Invalid method provided
202 Could not create topic
203 Forum is closed
204 Could not create post
205 Topic ID does not exist
206 Could not create request
207 Could not create request: ###
208 Request has been merged
209 Time event could not be added
210 Request could not be updated
211 Password could not be updated
212 Could not update request: ###
213 Could not merge requests
301 Trial expired
302 Maintenance mode enabled
303 private.customer.getPasswordByEmail has been removed as passwords are no longer stored in a way that are accessible by the system

If the API type being accessed (public/private) is not enabled in Admin->Settings the following errors will be returned.

Type Message

Public API not enabled


Private API not enabled


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