Version 1.03

New Features

  • Add link to release notes on the admin homepage
  • Check for new HelpSpot version every 5 days upon administrator login
  • Provide option to strip HTML from requests or just escape HTML, allow exceptions to stripping
  • Underline "time since" in request history to make date more obvious to rollover
  • Added more tags to email parser including category and custom fields
  • Show category ID's and custom field ID's in their respective admin pages
  • Allow creation of multiple portal request submit forms and correctly handle redirects
  • Allow override and submission of 'simple' request submission textarea even when details form is in use in settings
  • Add assigned staff member placeholders for use in predefined requests

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed "misbehaving headers" error when running on Windows as a CGI
  • Increased DB error checking in installer.php
  • Incorrect PHP version checking in installer.php
  • Email subjects initiated from the create request screen were not maintained in future correspondence
  • When emails are received with attachments, but no text body the attachments were not shown
  • Changed wording in installer to 'installation time zone'
  • Lowered tasks.php timeout to prevent scripts from hanging
  • Removed unneeded javascript from installer.php
  • Corrected portal navigation highlighting when using custom templates
  • HTML not stripped from update emails correctly
  • Javascript popup alert when sending email fails on create a request page, now works correctly
  • When customizing columns the date closed would incorrectly show 12/31/1969
  • CC to other staff with no note caused blank page to appear
  • Custom fields admin page redesigned slightly to make examples more clear

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