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8.4. Preventing Reoccurring Matches

Special Note: As of HelpSpot v4.9.0 new automation rules will only run once per request by default. The actions below are only needed if the "Run Once" checkbox is deselected in an automation rule.

Beyond the creation of conditions and actions to define the rule, Administrators must also consider how to use conditions and actions to prevent the rule from continually pulling the same requests as matches.

Rule matches the same requests over and over when it shouldn't?!

This is a common question when first creating rules. To understand why this happens, let's quickly review how rules work.

When a rule runs (details on rule scheduling can be found via the links below) requests are identified, via conditions, and the defined actions are taken.

The next time the rule is run the same requests will be picked up and action taken unless an action is set that makes a change to the request. This change will be the indicator that the request(s) has already been processed.

In practical terms, when creating a rule Administrators need to ask themselves:

Let's work through an example. To support internal procedures, a rule is created to notify Sally Smith (help desk supervisor) when a request hasn't been updated in 4 hours.

To ensure Sally isn't notified continually on the same requests, there needs to be an indicator in the rule that changes. In this example we choose status as the indicator.

So, when creating this rule we must:

Below is a look at how the conditions and actions of this rule would be configured.

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