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9.5. The Primary Portal as a Secondary Portal

By default the primary portal shows every public category, custom field, knowledge book and forum created in the system. In most installations this is the desired behavior, however, in some installations (typically those using secondary portals) some of those items may not be appropriate for the primary portal. For example, a knowledge book may be created which is only for the secondary portal and should not be shown on the primary portal.

For these instances, a simple way to control what appears on the primary portal is to create a secondary portal to be used to override the primary portal. Technically and functionally, the primary portal becomes a secondary portal that can be customized with the desired components.

Because the creation process assumes the secondary portal will exist along side the primary portal, the following process should be used to override the primary portal.


  1. Create a secondary portal which will override the primary portal. This portal should use the primary portals URL for it's URL and have the same file path as the HelpSpot installation itself.
  2. Check the checkbox in the secondary portal for "Use as Primary Portal."

Your primary portal is now overridden by the newly created secondary portal and should conform to the settings specified.

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