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1.4. Advanced Options

Automation and Mail Rules

[location: Admin->Tools->Automation Rules]
[location: Admin->Tools->Mail Rules]
Create a customized action, or set of actions, that ensure customer requests are being worked on timely and effectively, in a manner most suitable for your organization.

Similar to filtered views, conditions are defined for which a request must meet, however instead of being listed an action, or series of actions, are applied. With several dozen conditions and actions, configuration possibilities are limitless and flexible so you can easily define your business needs.

Automation Rules Documentation


[location: Admin->Settings]
The settings page in the Administrators area is home to all the various 'knobs and levers' of your HelpSpot installation. Beyond initial implementation, you may go here to do everything from set-up preferences for inbound/outbound mail to configuring the web services API.

Email Templates

[location: Admin->Tools->Modify Email Templates]
Every email HelpSpot sends can be modified via templates to take on custom branding, include custom links, insert disclaimer text and more.

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