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1.3. Configuration for Global Address Book

HelpSpot's address book is designed to optionally query Live Lookup results for address book contacts. In additional to HelpSpot's own address book storage, this functionality allows a truly global address book that can return contacts from nearly any source.

Using Live Lookup as a global address book requires the same configuration as a standard Live Lookup, in fact it uses your existing Live Lookup search sources. The only difference is that the address book looks for some particular XML tags in the results and treats them special.

The main 3 XML elements (first_name, last_name, email) are standard in most Live Lookup scripts so in most cases the address book can use existing Live Lookup results with no changes, however, the additional 3 tags can be useful to make the results richer.

Live Lookup Address Book Tags

Element Description Example
<first_name> The customers first name <first_name>Bob</first_name>
<last_name> The customers last name <last_name>Jones</last_name>
<email> The customers email address <email>bjones@sampleinc.com</email>
<title> This persons title <title>Division Manager</title>
<description> A description of what the person does or why they should be contacted. <description>Overnight contact</description>
<highlight> If the person should be listed at the top of the results <highlight>1</highlight>

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