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11.1. Todayboard

Completely redesigned, HelpSpot's Reports area is a robust, graphical-rich way of monitoring your help desk.


The landing page for the Reports area is the Todayboard, which is 6 distinct reports to provide a high-level look at the activity of the help desk.

Today's Request

Broken down by each hour of the day, this report shows requests opened today (24 hour period) and also compares that to activity of that 1 week ago. Allowing Users to see request activity today, throughout the day, relative to the same day last week.

Number of Replies to Close

As the title would indicate, this report show how many public notes were submitted (per request) by Staff prior to closing.

First Response Speed (Biz hours)

The average and median for how long (in hours) until requests had a public note added by Staff. This is calculated within business hours (default is 8-5, local time).

Top Workloads Currently

Staff (3) with the most number of requests currently open.

Top Categories

Shows the top five categories to which requests are being assigned.


An hourly look at request types, broken out by type: public by Staff, private by Staff, and Customer.

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