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1. Filters in Use: Working Example

Filters are a way to view create custom views of the requests. By default, HelpSpot ships with global 'All Open' and 'Recently Closed' filters. However, an infinitely combination of conditions can be combined to create a filter that meets your excact business need.

Here are 3 real world examples of Filters in use. Execution of these filters can vary, with additional conditions being layered on to meet the business need, but the following shown here is intended to give Users an idea of how each would be created.

1. Monitoring Contractual Commitments

Business Need: Support desk has a contractually agreement with Customer group (internal or external) to always respond to equipment issues within 24 hours of Customer updates.

Creation: Filter must be created to see those requests that haven't been updated within 24 hours, that has been assigned to Category: Equipment/Reporting Tag: Issues.

2. Creating Custom Inbox

Business Need: Create an Inbox for only those Staff working Account inquiries. Allows those Users to focus on working only those requests within their area of expertise.

Creation: Filter must be created to see those requests assigned to the Account Inquires category.

Unique to this filter is:

3. Monitor Activity of Selected Staff (Training)

Business Need: Monitor activity of selected Staff. Effective in providing timely feedback during training periods.

Creation: Filter must be created to see those requests opened Today, assigned to Staffer X, and are either currently Open or Closed.

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