Version 3.1.6

Version 3.1.6 Changelog

  • Bug - Add admin username/password for built in LDAP authentication
  • Bug - The popup calendar would not work from the search page
  • Bug - Time tracker events report could fail to load
  • Bug - Non HTML notes sent in via the API displayed with HTML paragraph tags
  • Bug - Tag search on the portal could show a non-functional link to a hidden page of a public book
  • Bug - Triggers sending email could end up with a PHP error
  • Bug - private.request.create should not append a signature to a note when using xPersonOpenedBy=0 (customer)
  • Bug - Triggers with multiple actions could cause a PHP include error
  • Bug - MSSQL had an error with full text search using "is not" in a phrase
  • Bug - Triggers could not match custom field checkboxes
  • Bug - Triggers could fail to match changed conditions
  • Bug - Made response usage report more accurate and clear by removing filter option
  • Bug - Changed UI of public notes to customers template editing to notify but not request a request ID be included
  • Bug - Responses could fail to display properly for group user permissions
  • Bug - Live Lookup via a trigger could sent the wrong HTTP GET parameters to the Live Lookup script
  • Bug - The name menu (top right corner) could not be clicked on iPad
  • Bug - Emailing customers from an automation rule/trigger could fail in some cases
  • Bug - A pipe (|) in a reporting tag breaks the reports

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