Updating to HelpSpot 4.0.1+

The update process for windows installations and and Linux installations are separate on HelpSpot 4 and greater.


Before running the windows update executable ensure that you have backed up your database and HelpSpot files. You can then download and run the windows updater executable. This updater will perform all of the upgrade steps for you via the graphical wizard.


It's strongly recommended that you backup your HelpSpot database and files before upgrading. It's especially important to backup files if you have customized your templates or edited the language file.

The installer will make database changes during an upgrade. If something goes wrong the only way to roll back the changes is if you have an up to date backup.

Upgrading Files

Before beginning review the latest system requirements to make sure that the software installed on your server are compatible witht he latest version.

After downloading the new version of HelpSpot, move the files to your server and unpack the tar.gz or zip file in a temporary location. Copy the new files over the old HelpSpot files, overwriting them. If you have customized files you will need to reapply those customizations from your backup.

Note: The HelpSpot files are binary and your FTP program will most likely upload them as text unless you tell it to use binary mode. This is why it's recommended to move the compressed file (tar.gz/zip) directly to the server first which will avoid any problems. After uploading if you get a file corrupted or Fatal error in your browser at the installer then the files have been uploaded as text instead of binary.

Upgrade Database

The best way to upgrade the database is by using command line php. From your HelpSpot directory run:

php hs update
You can find more info on the HelpSpot command line here: The HelpSpot Command Line

You can also go to the installer.php file in your browser. The file is located in the base directory of the HelpSpot installation. This file upgrades your database to the latest HelpSpot version. However this method is subject to php timeouts while the command line version of php does not have this problem. 
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