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7.1. Getting Started With The HelpSpot - Zapier Integration

Helpspot's integration with Zapier allows you to connect your HelpSpot instance with hundreds of other applications. Actions can be triggered from HelpSpot and requests can be created and updated based on other Zapier apps. All of this can be done without writing a single line of code. There are a few requirements for getting started with implementing a Helpspot - Zapier integration.

Setting Up Your HelpSpot Zapier App

The first time you create a HelpSpot integration with Zapier you will need to take a few steps to get things up and running. You can add the HelpSpot app here (https://zapier.com/apps/helpspot/integrations) After the initial configuration is complete you can continue to create more Zaps based on this initial setup.

  1. Login to Zapier
  2. Choose to create a new zap
  3. Search for "HelpSpot" and select the application
  4. Select a trigger ("New Request", for example)
  5. Choose Connect a New Account
  6. Enter your HelpSpot username and password in the prompts provided
  7. In the URL field enter the base HelpSpot Url. For example, if your helpspot admin url is https://helpspot.mycompany.com/helpspot/admin.php you will simply want to enter https://helpspot.mycompany.com/helpspot/.

After saving this step, HelpSpot is now connected to Zapier. You can add HelpSpot actions and triggers to any of your Zaps. In addition, you can choose to continue to build out the zap that you started during this process

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