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12.12. fPinned Duplicate Column Error

Note: This error has been fixed in the latest version 4.5.4+ of HelpSpot. Please download the latest installer.

Some customers have run into an error when installing the 4.5 update that indicates there is a duplicate column named fPinned on the HS_Request_History table. This error can be fixed by following the steps below.

  1. Open up your helpspot database in the database editor of your choice.
  2. Run this query: Select * from HS_Migrations;
  3. Look at the last migration listed in the results and note the number in the "batch" column
  4. Run this insert query to add the needed migration history to the database
INSERT INTO `HS_Migrations` (`migration`, `batch`)
	('2016_02_18_211111_add_pinned_to_request_history', 2);
Edit the batch value to reflect the value that you noted above. After running this insert query you can return to the installer page and continue with the installation.

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