Portal Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

The HelpSpot portal allows for the display and agreement to a Privacy Policy and Terms of Service before a customer request can be submitted. These settings are found in Admin > Settings > Portal. These two settings allow you to set a URL for where your Privacy Policy and Terms of Service are hosted. If you don’t have these externally hosted you can create them as KB pages and then link to them.

After adding one or both of these URLs a checkbox will be displayed on your portal forms asking your customers to agree to the terms and privacy policy before proceeding. 

If you are using a customized request.tpl.php template from a version of HelpSpot prior to 4.8.0, you will need to update that template in order to allow the checkbox to be properly displayed. This new code needs to be added immediately following the captcha include:

<?php include $this->loadTemplate('terms.tpl.php'); ?>

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