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7.1. Triggers, Mail Rules and Automations

There are three types of automated actions in HelpSpot that can be created. The main difference between them is when a request is checked to see if it matches the conditions defined by an automation rule.

Mail Rules

Mail Rules are run when an incoming email is read and a new request is created. This is only run when the request is first created - so it can only be applied once per request. Subsequent responses to a request, even if received through email, are not run against Mail Rules.


Triggers are run anytime a request is created or updated. This can check if some conditions are present, or if they've changed. For example, an action can be taken if a category of a request was changed specifically from "technical" to "sales".

Automation Rules

The last category of automation rules is also called "Automation Rules". These are run periodically. How often these run is configurable in the automation settings.

Automation rules are useful for time-dependent tasks. For example, if you wish to escalate a request or send an email notification if a request has not been answered within a certain time period.


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