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4.8. Language File Changes

HelpSpot 5 has updates and changes to the language files for the default language english-us.

The HelpSpot 5 code will have the latest language strings in the files located within the helpspot/helpspot/lang/english-us directory.


New Language Files

The following language files are new to HelpSpot 5:

  1. lg.pg.admin.customize.php
  2. lg.pg.admin.tools.jobsmgmt.php
  3. lg.pg.tips.php


Removed Language Files

The following language files were removed in HelpSpot 5:

  1. lg.pg.emailstaff.php
  2. lg.pg.forums.php
  3. lg.pg.getstarted.php


Updated Language Files

The following outlines language string changes, additions, and removals for each affected file. You can find all changes documented here.

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