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12.1. Turn On Debugging and Logging In HelpSpot 5

There are two debugging / logging settings in HelpSpot 5 that can be enabled. Both of these settings are found in the .env settings file in the root of your HelpSpot install directory.

HelpSpot Cloud customers, please contact customer support for debugging assistance.

The first setting that can be enabled is:

This setting will enabled the display of errors and stack traces in the browser when they are encountered. It is set to false by default.

The second setting is not included in the .env file by default. To enable it you will need to add this string:

This setting will cause more details on certain processes in helpspot to be written to the helpspot.log file located in helpspot/storage/logs/helpspot.log.

Note, that when changing these settings you will need to restart supervisor or windows helpspot services in order for them to take effect for logging items like mail retrieval and sending queue jobs.

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