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3.3. How to turn Jotform entries into HelpSpot tickets

To effectively funnel your Jotform entries into HelpSpot, you need to have a form with these key fields at a bare minimum:

Please note that we aren't using the standard "name" field in Jotform. Why? Separating the name field into two separate text fields gets around a quirk of Jotform and allows us to properly pull the person's name into HelpSpot's customer information fields.

Once you've made a form with the fields you need, you'll want to set up a notification email. This action is performed under the 'Settings -> Email' section of your Jotform form. Then, assign the recipient email as one that you've connected to HelpSpot. 

If your form involves attachments, navigate to the 'Advanced' settings and activate the 'Send file uploads as attachments' option.

Next, you'll want to customize the notification email that you're sending to HelpSpot to make use of HelpSpot's email parsing tags.

For a form that includes the four fields mentioned above, you need to input the following text into your 'Email Content' in Jotform:






If you have additional fields on your form, you can also send that data to HelpSpot - whether it's a category, tag, or even a custom field. Learn more about HelpSpot's email parsing tags by visiting https://support.helpspot.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=25 & https://support.helpspot.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=30

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