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8.1. Getting started with the Formstack <-> HelpSpot Integration

Formstack’s HelpSpot integration allows you to collect data on a Form in Formstack and send it to your HelpSpot installation while also triggering other actions, such as adding the user to a mailing list or your CRM.

To add HelpSpot to your form, go into Formstack and then go to Form > Settings > Integration > Help Desk > and click the Add button next to HelpSpot. Additionally, you can use the Search bar to easily find the integration. Once you add the Integration, click Settings or HelpSpot on the left.

Formstack uses the public HelpSpot API, so you will need to enter the URL of your HelpSpot installation and then map the fields you want to pass along.  By default, you can pass on Name, Email (required), User ID, Phone, Urgent, Note (required), Attachment, and Category. 

If you choose a HelpSpot Category, you can map the Public fields for that category as well.

To make sure the public HelpSpot API is turned on, head to Admin > Settings > Web Service API and check off the ‘Public API’ box.

Formstack’s HelpSpot integration is maintained by Formstack, so visit HelpSpot Integration for up to date information on the integration and how it works.


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