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12.6. MySQL

How to Repair a MySQL Table on Windows

If you've used our Windows Installer and need to rebuild a table this is how to do it. If you're experiencing odd behavior such as filters with counts not actually showing the requests when entered this could be the case.

Steps to repair the table:


  1. Open the command prompt
  2. enter: cd "c:\program files\helpspot\mysql\bin"
  3. enter: mysql -u HELPSOT_USER -p
  4. enter your password when asked
  5. enter: use HELPSPOT_DATABASE;
  6. enter: repair table HELPSPOT_TABLE;
If you need to find the HelpSpot username, database, or password you can find them in config.php in the root HelpSpot directory.


Table Creation Errors

On some MySQL servers during installation only some of the tables will be created. Normally when this error occurs it's about 19 tables that are created. When this occurs the screen of the installer will often turn blank white while trying to complete installation.

This error is caused by MySQL being set in STRICT mode. Your my.cnf or my.ini file probably has a line similar to this:


Removing the strict restriction should allow installation to complete normally.

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