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12.5. Missing Microsoft.pem File

Email Mailboxes will not connect to O365 via new OAuth connection

On some subversions of HelpSpot v5, a file required for Microsoft OAuth connectivity is overwritten and not restored during upgrade. If you are setting up a new Email Mailbox using OAuth authentication and it fails to retrieve incoming messages, this is one possible cause. This missing file may also produce errors in the helpspot.log file (located in the /storage/logs subfolder under the site root directory) similar to either of the following:

You can verify this condition by searching for a microsoft.pem file in the /storage/keys subfolder under the site root directory. 

If the file or the entire /keys folder is missing, you will need to create the keys folder within the storage directory and manually copy the microsoft.pem file to that location. Reloading Apache/NGINX (on Linux) or performing an iisreset (on Windows) may be necessary to ensure the new file is identified by the system.

The download referenced in this page contains the file in a ZIP which can be downloaded and extracted into the /keys folder.


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