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10.9. Date and Time

HelpSpot provides Administrators the ability to configure date/time display to conform to local preference.

Each setting within this box relates to a date/time format used within the installation.

System Time Zone

As part of the installation process, Administrators are asked to provide the time zone. This time zone will be used to display all dates in the system.

Date Format

This long date format can include: month, day, date, year, and time and can be configured in a number of ways. For example: DD, MM YYYY, TT:TT or Day DD, MM YYYY, TT:TT.

The provided drop-down is a quick way to select format or Administrators can type the desired PHP date format.

Short Date Format

The primary difference between the short date and long date, above, is the exclusion of time in the short date. A sample use of short date includes the check request page on the portal.

Configuring short date functionally is the same as the long date, as described above.

Popup Calendar Date Format

To ensure the date/time used by the popup calendar conforms to all other date formats, Administrators can configure the format through the use of the drop-down provided.

Popup Calendar Short Date Format

As with short date configuration, this setting option allows Administrators to set the short date format for the popup calendar.

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