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8.2. Rule Creation: Defining Conditions

Automation Rule conditions, just like Filter conditions, are based on individual elements of the request, Customer, or actions taken on a request. Administrators must define if the requests should match any or all conditions defined for the rule.

For each condition there is a means to define the value, via either a drop-down or text field. Each condition provides an additional drop-down for selecting the operator(s) to define how the specified value is applied.

Sample operators include:

Using category and email as a very simple example, it can be seen how Administrators would work through defining these conditions. Conditions are added and removed by using the plus and minus signs to the right of the condition definition.

A complete list of all conditions, defined, can be found in the attached file found at the bottom of this page.

Testing Conditions

Automation Rules require the defined conditions be tested prior to saving. Because the subsequent actions that are applied can make unreversible changes to requests, testing allows Administrators to verify the conditions defined truly meet the business need.

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