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1.2. Staff and Workspace

Create support staff accounts

[location: Admin->Staff]
Support staff should be created and assigned access to the system at the necessary permissions levels. Below is a quick overview of the account types available in HelpSpot and their corresponding permissions.

Global and System Settings Inbox (new / unassigned requests) Access to all requests in assigned category Access to assigned requests
Administrator X X X X
Help Desk Staff Member X X X
Level 2 Support X X
Guest X

Practical Application:
Linking select support staff to categories is the basis for creating skills-based request routing.

Build Filters

[location: Workspace->Filters]
In addition to the default request views, such as unassigned request (Inbox) and requests assigned to you (My Queue), Administrators have the ability to create filtered views based on a specified set of criteria, or conditions. All filters, global or personal, are easily viewable from the left navigation within the Workspace.

Practical Application:
Filters are often used as alternative work queues, for departments/specialized work-groups, or by Administrators only to monitor activity for a specific group of customers.

Create Responses

[location: Workspace->Responses]
To aid Staff in addressing simple, commonly asked questions, Administrators can create prepared responses. Responses can be customized and formatted to create a easy-to-follow, standardized reply. Staff will have easy access to all global responses via a drop-down on the request page.

Practical Application:
Responses can include placeholders such as: category, date opened, or assigned staffers phone number; allows request-specific information to be part of the response each time it is used.

Enable Time Tracking (optional)

[location: Admin->Time Tracking]
Some organizations require staff log time spent on each request to support customer specific SLA's or aid in billing. Enabling this feature for Staff is a simple drop-down within the Admin area. Once enabled, Staff will have access to the time tracker at the top of each request page.

Practical Application:
Time tracking used in conjunction with automation rules will allow Administrators to escalate requests when SLA's are in danger of not being met.

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