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1.1. Organize Data

The Getting Started guide is a quick overview of common settings and features to get you up and running with HelpSpot. Implementing all of these features is not required to effectively use HelpSpot.

Create Request Categories

[location: Admin->Categories]
To effectively route requests and allow for concise request reporting, Administrators must define request categories. Permissions for default ownership, accessibility by assigned support staff, and visibility on customer portal must also be set for each category created.

Reporting tags, definable on the category level, are an optional way to further classify individual requests. For details on creating and editing requests see the detailed documentation in the Admin Manual.

Practical Application:
Using more advanced features, such as automation or mail rules, Administrators can set requests to  specific categories or route those requests accordingly.

Define Custom Fields

[location: Admin->Custom Fields]
Custom fields are a means to create custom-defined form fields within each request to collect request-specific information. These fields can be visible to all (Staff and Customers) or only selected Staff.

Practical Application:
Custom fields are a great way to capture information specific to your product/service that will aid in quicker resolution. For example, for each request you may wish to collect the customers version or browser to more quickly reproduce/troubleshoot issues.

Administrators should also consider collecting data that may be of interest to collect for later reporting, such as employee level of customer submitting the request.

Usage tip:
More advanced configuration allows Administrators to use our web services API to populate custom fields from another, external application.

Set Status Types

[location: Admin->Organize->Status Types]
Status types are most often used to define the various points in the resolution process. Default status types are provided, which are used by most installations, however they can be customized as needed.

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