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1.1. The Big Picture

If you're reading this manual you've realized that email folders, sticky notes, or even your current help desk tool are no longer the way to handle Customer inquiries. You're looking for an improved experience for Staff and Customers with more advanced capabilities to manage your support operation...Welcome to HelpSpot!

HelpSpot's core function can be summed up as:

"HelpSpot is a web-based application that empowers companies to effectively manage Customer inquiries."

To create a product that is optimized to support this core function, we kept a few guiding principles top-of-mind:

Accommodate many support channels

Customer inquiries come at you from every direction. HelpSpot accounts for this by supporting the channels you need:

Create structured flexibility

The needs of every company differ; some require elaborate issue categorization and meta-data collection capability, while others only loosely categorize issues. To accommodate all types of companies, we provide a structured framework of data collection/categorization that is fully customizable yet still easy to report against.

Require request ownership

Individual ownership is required in HelpSpot. Requests cannot be assigned to a nebulous workgroup or department. Individual ownership is the cornerstone of driving processing efficiency and ultimately Customer satisfaction.

Create a clear, concise, request history

Every request has a complete log of all actions taken and messages sent. This allows any User, at anytime, to become current with a request.


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