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1.4. Getting Up and Running-Administrators

While this guide doesn't specifically cover Administrator configuration, the following provides Administrators with a quick look at the most important steps for getting the installation up and running. More detailed Information on configuration can be found in the HelpSpot Administrator Manual.

(Location: Admin>Settings) The settings page includes several system-wide configuration options that range from creating status types to defining the layout of the Customer portal. Administrators should review and become familiar with each as an initial step in the set-up process.

Status types are most useful for defining the resolution for each request.

(Location: Admin>Staff) User accounts must be created and assigned access to the system. The following provides a high-level look at each permission level.

(Location: Admin>Categories) To effectively route requests and allow for concise request reporting, Administrators will need to define request categories. Permissions for default ownership, accessibility by assigned Staff, and visibility on Customer portal must also be set for each category created. Reporting tags for each category are an optional way that further classifies individual requests.

(Location: Admin>Email Mailboxes) HelpSpot mailboxes serve as a way to seamlessly integrate email exchanges. By adding individual mailboxes, HelpSpot can pull all messages sent to existing support email account and create new requests or append notes to existing requests. Through additional configuration, Administrators can opt to route requests resulting from emails into specific categories or auto-assign to selected Staff.

(Location: Admin>Custom Fields) Custom fields are a means to create User-defined fields for the collection of meta data. With 11 different types available Administrators have a robust, structured framework for collecting the information specific to their product/service or organization.


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