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1.3. Default Levels and Permissions Groups

A Users permissions settings and/or level dictates access to features. Permissions are set by Administrators, typically at time of Staff account creation. Staff can be assigned one permission group. The permission group is not related to any individual request or set of requests. Instead, permission groups control access to various actions and areas inside of HelpSpot. 

Default Permission Groups

When HelpSpot is initially setup a default set of permission groups are created. In addition there is always an Administrator permission group. The Administrator permission group is a super user level that allows unlimited access to the system. The Administrator group cannot be removed or modified.

Modifying Permission Group

The permissions settings for any of the default permission groups can be modified, through the permissions group management area in the Administration section of the site (accessible by Administrator level only).

Creating New User Levels (Permission Groups)

Administrators can use the Permission Groups area to create a new permissions group. New Groups can be cloned from existing User levels for ease of creation.

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