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2.1. Getting the Lay of the Land

The workspace, or the initial landing page, can be thought of as the hub of all request management within HelpSpot. It is from here that Users can access individual request management functions: creating, viewing, and updating. This chapter looks at the basic structure, layout, and function of each of the areas within the workspace.

For the purposes of understanding the overall structure, let's break the workspace out into three areas. These areas are briefly introduced below and covered in-depth in subsequent chapters.

  • Left Navigation. This area includes all of the links running along the left side of the screen. These links provide access to varying request views and related actions.
    • Request Grid. Conceptually, the request grid is the display area for requests meeting specified criteria. Criteria will vary depending on the filtered view the User is in. The criteria used to determine the requests displayed in the request grid (for any given filtered view) are defined by:
      • Users or Administrators; through filter creation,
      • System default views: the Inbox and My Queue.
  • Top Navigation. This encompasses both the very top navigation items as well as those just below the navigation bar.

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