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3.1. Inbox & My Queue


On a very broad level the Inbox is home to all unassigned requests. As such, its primary function is to serve as the entry point for new requests (submitted via email, portal or other channel).

Users can take a request from the Inbox by simply clicking on the Take It button to the far left within the request grid. Upon doing so, Users will immediately be taken to the request page for that request. Ownership begins as soon as a User takes a request out of the Inbox; it is no longer shown in the Inbox and will instead show in that User's My Queue.

My Queue

As mentioned in the previous section, once a request is assigned to a User it is no longer available through the Inbox and can be found in the User's My Queue.

Request assignment can occur in several ways: User takes a request from Inbox, one User assigns a request to another User, or an automated process handles the request.

Once a User clicks My Queue, the request grid in the center of the screen will load all the open requests assigned to that User.

The list of requests shown here will vary between Users because it reflects the requests assigned to the person logged-in. Additional views, or filters, can be created and saved for viewing requests assigned to others.

HelpSpot uses My Queue as the default view when Users login and click the Workspace tab. However, this is customizable, allowing Users to select any filtered view as the default.

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