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3.2. SPAM & Trash

SPAM (overt advertising, typically created via an automated process) is a common problem for support centers that openly publish support email addresses or web-forms. To prevent it from interfering with true Customer inquiries or incorrectly skewing reporting, HelpSpot has integrated a trainable SPAM tool.

Training the SPAM Tool

HelpSpot will initially depend on Users to flag requests that are SPAM. Over time, while this flagging is being done, HelpSpot will learn to recognize the SPAM specific to the installation and automatically flag it accordingly.

Users can flag requests as SPAM in either the request grid (using the quick action buttons) or in the request itself.

All requests flagged as SPAM are available via the SPAM link in the left navigation. From here, Users can use the request grid to click into the request or select and delete it.

Messages which are sent to SPAM but later marked as NOT SPAM by a User also helps train the SPAM tool to not incorrectly mark requests as SPAM.


Removing Flag or Deleting SPAM

If either a User or the SPAM tool incorrectly flags a request as SPAM, check the box next to the request and use the drop-down at the bottom of the request grid to select Mark as Not SPAM. After hitting submit the request will move into the Inbox where it can be taken by any User. Marking a request as NOT SPAM will train the SPAM tool to not mark notes from that sender as SPAM.

SPAM must be deleted to reinforce the systems learning process. To delete, check the box next to each request and use button at the bottom of the request grid to delete the SPAM. Once this is done it will be completely removed from HelpSpot.


Requests that aren't necessarily SPAM but don't need to be worked or counted towards reporting can be flagged for the Trash. Using the Trash is a means for handling email bounces, training/test requests, and duplicate requests.


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