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3.3. Search

HelpSpot provides users with a several different ways to find requests within the system.

Quick Search

Quick search is located in the left hand navigation bar. If a request id is entered, the user will be taken directly to that request. Otherwise, a full text search is performed. Full text search modifiers can be used in this box.

Advanced Search

Advanced searches can be done on a myriad of customer, request, and installation-level details. You can access the advanced search tool in the top menu bar.

Customer Searches

Users can search against any/all customer specific information found on the request page. Results are returned below the search boxes and clicking the linked request ID will allow Users to go directly to the request page for the individual request.

Detailed Searches

This search type allows Users to create a more intricate, specific set of search criteria. At a high level, the parameters by which Users can search are grouped by the following:

  • customer information
  • request details
  • custom fields
  • request history
  • date & time (minutes/hours since or before specified actions)
  • assignment chain (who/when of request ownership)
  • public updates (by whom and number of)
  • any/all conditions and custom SQL
Any number of these can be used, in combination, to create a specific set of search criteria.

Turning Searches into Filters

Searches can be run one time only or saved for later, repeated use by selecting the save as filter button. This quick feature adds the filter to the other personal filters in the left navigation.

Users need to go into the filtered view to modify filter (such as making Global or modifying columns). Once in the filtered view, select the edit filter link in the options menu to make the necessary changes. For more on managing filters, see the filters page.

Full Text Search

Full text searches allow users to search either the knowledge books for request history with full text queries. Advanced syntax can be used to narrow or broaden your search.


  • Use + for must contain: +printer, +password
  • Use - for must not contain: -printer, -password
  • Use " " for a phrase: "lost my password"
  • Use * as a wildcard: print*


Search must contain "password" and "reset" but not contain "windows":

+password +reset -windows

Search must contain the phrase "Budget Report" and the word December:

+"Budget Report" +December

Search can contain either Password or Login

Password Login

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