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4.3. Display Options and Editing

At the top of each filtered view, within the name header, Users will find various options for viewing/editing that view.

Request Grid View and Note Stream View

The details of these view are described more in-depth on the General Layout page, linked under related pages.


For each filtered view, Users have a few options available to them. The Inbox and My Queue, because they are system default views, have a limited list of options available.

Customize Columns

Only available for Inbox and My Queue. Allows Users to configure those default items included in the request grid view.

Edit Filter

This only shows to the filtered view creator or an Administrator. From this link, the parameters of filtered views, permissions, and how they are displayed can be modified.

Make Default Workspace

Any filtered view can be made as a Users default landing page when entering the Workspace. When used in conjunction with a Take It button, any filtered view can be used as an organizations/work groups default inbox.

RSS and .CSV export. The contents of any filtered view can be exported to either an RSS reader or .csv supporting application.

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