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5. Time Tracker

For installations with this enabled, the time tracker will be across the top of the request page. It allows each User to log the time spent on a request. Time tracking is primarily used by organizations for billing/customer contract purposes.

Time can be entered manually or through the use of the stop-clock. When manually entering time, decimal or standard time format (for example: 2.5 or 2:30) is accepted in the hours/minutes box. When using the stop-clock, click the arrow when work starts on the request and click it again when work is complete. The time lapsed will be logged for the entry. A field is provided to provide a brief description of the work completed during that logged session.

HelpSpot includes a Billable checkbox, allowing Users to flag time which would be billable for later reporting.

Users can also use the options menu to log time for another User, if necessary, as shown below. If time is logged without selecting from the options area, the time will be attributed to the logged-in User.

Once Users click the Log Time button the time will be listed as part of the aggregate time spent on the request.

To report time logged across all requests, use the Reports area.


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