Request History

Every action completed on a request is logged within the request history. Actions can range from a note to the Customer to the logging of request detail changes. Logging all interactions enables any User, at any time, to become current on the happenings within a Customer request.

Users also have the option to filter history by: Full History, Only Notes, Public Notes, or Files.

Individual Entries: Up-Close

While the actions that create the entry may vary, the basic look and feel of all entries remains the same.

HelpSpot includes the following in every entry type:

  • Time/Date Stamp of action
  • Clear label of entry type (ie: Public/Private/External Note or Event Log)
  • User name and photo, if available, for all User-generated actions
  • Message recipients, when applicable
  • Message, when applicable
  • Description of request detail change, when applicable

 The request history item menu provides access for the following:

  • Quote a previous entry in a new note
  • Change note status to public or private (excluding system-generated entries)
  • Convert an individual entry into it's own request
  • Generate a direct link to this entry. Handy for sending to another User for quick review.

Each note in a request history can be pinned using the "pin" icon. Pinning causes the request note to always appear at the top of the request history.

Across all entry types, images attachment are embedded within the request history for ease of viewing. For all other file types, there will be a link for downloading.

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