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10.4. Adding/Editing Pages

Adding Pages

Again, from the book table of contents page, Users should use the Add Page button located next to each chapter name to add a page within that chapter.

Adding pages is a two-step process. The first step requires naming and sorting order be selected. During the second step page content is created. Pages are defaulted to being hidden, viewable only to editors, for the purposes of creation. When you're ready to go live simply flip Hidden to No.

Editors can also link related pages, flag a page as highlighted or add an attachment file to complete the content of the page.

Formatting Pages

The built in visual editor, allows Editors to stylize and format the content without the hassle of hand coding the necessary web mark-up. Type the desired content into the text box, highlight, and select the desired action from the tool bar. Images can be drag and drop uploaded or copied and pasted into the editor.

Knowledge Tags

Each page can have any number of knowledge tags associated with the page content. For more on how to set knowledge tags and how they work see the knowledge tag page, linked under related pages.

Editing & Deleting Pages

Clicking the chapter title, within the books table of contents, to get to the page content. The page editor is accessed through the edit page button. From here, pages content and properties can be edited. When pages are deleted all content will be lost and cannot be recovered. When it's gone, it's gone!

Knowledge Tags

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