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10.5. Knowledge Tags

Knowledge Tags allow Users to create a cross-resource base of knowledge. The advantage over traditional search is it's a much quicker, accurate way for readers to find specific content across knowledge book pages and forums.

Applying Tags

Knowledge Tags can be applied to by Users to any knowledge book page or forum topic; during or subsequent to creation. Users should take care to include every/all relevant tags as this will maximize the pertinent results returned.

Tagging consistence across content is critical. As Users type to add a tag, HelpSpot will show existing matching tags. You can opt to select the tag, if applicable, or continue to type the full tag.

Tags in the Portal

Your portal users can access Knowledge Tags in alpha order at the bottom of the homepage. Readers can click any tag to get a complete list of Knowledge Book pages with that tag. Notice the variation in size. The relative size of the tag name corresponds to the number of times it occurs within the content.

When Readers search within the portal, there's a section that will return the exact match Knowledge Tag (if such exists).

Advanced Search and Tags

Users can search within Knowledge Tags using the Advanced Search in HelpSpot. Tags can be search individual or combined for the desired results set.

Knowledge Tags

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