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11.5. Sample Reports

Below represents a few of the report modification that can be made to find specific information; those areas most commonly monitored by help desk administrators/managers. As mentioned previously, any report can be saved in the My Reports folder for future use.

Grouping by Category, Assigned User or Custom Field

Base report. Request Over Time.

Description. Users can quickly see requests over time based on category, assignment or any custom field by using the Grouping drop down, as shown below.

Implication. Insight into any of these areas will allow managers to make adjustments such as: increased portal documentation on a particular topic (addressing high categories), use of auto-assigment to better balance workload, or coordination with other departments.


Filtering by Customer

Base report. Request Over Time.

Description. Using the filtering conditions, Users can see requests submitted by a particular customer or customers meeting specific criteria within the Customer Information fields (ie: email domain or customer ID). Different from creating a Filter, this report will give you an aggregate snapshot over a defined period of time. Note: for this example, Customer email domain was used, in addition the results are being grouped by status and the time frame has been expanded.

Implication. Managers can use this to monitor service agreements or other contractual commitments.

How Many Replies to Close

Base report. Replies by Count.

Description. Find the aggregate of how many public notes occurred prior to an issue being closed. This type of report can be used as a gauge to determine how much work is required to resolve issues. Note: the filter condition of Open/Closed was set to Closed for this report.

Implication. Higher numbers within a particular category/reporting tag area or by select individuals could indicate a need for increased training or revision/creation of prepared responses.

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