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9.2. Adding a Secondary Portal

There are two main steps to adding a Secondary Portal:

  1. Configuring the portal within HelpSpot
  2. Creating the Secondary Portal files as instructed from HelpSpot (If you are using HelpSpot Cloud please contact support)

Configuring a Secondary Portal

To configure a new Secondary Portal, head to Admin > Customize > Secondary Portal. There you can edit an existing or create a new Secondary Portal. For details on the configuration options available, see the section Explanation of Each Portal Setting.

Once you create a new Secondary Portal, you'll be provided with a set of instructions on setting up the portal.

Create the Secondary Portal files

HelpSpot will attempt to setup your portal files system and URL automatically (If you are using HelpSpot Cloud please contact support):

If HelpSpot is unable to automatically setup your portal, there is a View Instructions link available at the Admin > Customize > Secondary Portal page (the same page which lists existing Secondary Portal).

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