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2.2. Troubleshooting

"HelpSpot Could Not Be Reached" error

There are a few possible reasons why HelpSpot may return the "HelpSpot could not be reached error:

  1. HelpSpot's private API is not enabled
  2. iOS/Android limitations in connecting over "https"
  3. Server does not allow or support HTTP Basic Authorization

Private API

Please be sure to enable HelpSpot's Private API from within the Admin > Settings > Web Services API configuration.

HTTPS and SSL Certificates

If the private API is enabled and you continue to receive an error, you may have an SSL certificate configuration that supports too few secure protocols. For example, Apple's iOS version 9 may only support TLS1.2, but a web server's SSL certificate may only support or enable TLS1.0.

We suggest following these configurations for a secure and functional SSL configuration.

If you are curious about your site's SSL configuration, you can run it through this SSL Certificate tester, which will inform you of any potential issues in your SSL configuration.

Basic Authentication

HelpSpot's API's are authenticated against use HTTP Basic Authentication.

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