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1.1. Connecting Thermostat.io and HelpSpot

To begin setting up the integration between Thermostat and HelpSpot go to thermostat.io and login to your account.

Next, go to HelpSpot and make sure you have upgraded to at least version 4.8.8. After this has been verified you are ready to start the integration.

  1. Login to the admin area and select “Integrations.”

  2. On the integrations page, click on “Get an API Token” in the thermostat area. 

  3. This will open a new screen on thermostat.io where you can click on the “Enable HelpSpot Integration” button.

  4. Once you click on that button a popup will appear with you API key.

  5. Copy the token and then paste it on the HelpSpot integrations page.

  6. Click on save Thermostat API Token.

Your Thermostat and HelpSpot applications are now connected.

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