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1.2. Instantly Sending A Thermostat Survey In HelpSpot

A Thermostat survey can be configured to send instantly to the customer based on a Trigger or Automation action in HelpSpot. In this example we will be using the trigger action. When a survey is sent using the “Send a Thermostat Survey” action, the survey will be sent to the customers email when the action is triggered.

If a campaign is enabled on the survey they will also be added to a scheduled delivery of that Thermostat survey. If a campaign is not enabled on the Thermostat survey, the action will be treated as a one-time send.

In this example we will set up a trigger that emails customers a Thermostat survey when their request is closed with the status of “Problem Solved.” The criteria used here are only one example, your use case may dictate other criteria. To set up a trigger that sends a survey to customers:

  1. Navigate in HelpSpot to Admin > Triggers & Rules > Triggers
  2. In a new trigger define two criteria, one for a the request being changed to closed and the other for the status being “Problem Solved.
  3. In the actions area select the “Send a Thermostat Survey” action and then select the appropriate survey that you wish to deliver to your customers
  4. Add the completed trigger.

This is a complete example. 

Now whenever a request is closed with the “Problem Solved” status thermostat will automatically email that customer a survey.

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