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1.5. Viewing Survey Results In Filters

Thermostat survey results can be viewed in HelpSpot filters as well. Thermostat results are available HelpSpot filters as both filter criteria and filter display columns.

To Use Thermostat Survey Scores as Criteria

HelpSpot filter criteria includes a thermostat score criteria. We include the usual less than, greater than and equal to options for filter numeric scores. We also make it easy to find just detractors, passives or promoters by allowing those ranges to be selected automatically.

Remember that filter criteria can also be used in reports. This means that you can surface some very interesting information. For example you could run a first response speed report for all of your detractors to see if response time may have played a roll in their rating.

Adding the Thermostat Score Column to Filter.

The Thermostat score column can be added to filters just like any other column in HelpSpot filters. 

Once the column is added, the thermostat results for each request will be available in HelpSpot. The results column shows both the NPS rating (Promoter, Passive, Detractor) and the raw numerical score.

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