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1.4. Sending a Thermostat Survey Via a Customer Email Action

This method, uses HelpSpot to send the actual email instead of thermostat's email option campaigns. Thermostat results will still be passed back to the appropriate request id in order to be filtered and displayed in HelpSpot.

Setting up the Thermostat survey.

  1. Link your Thermostat and HelpSpot accounts using the directions found here.
  2. Login to thermostat and select the survey you wish to integrate with.
  3. Select Fields from the left hand menu
  4. Create a custom text field titled xrequest. If you wish to map other custom fields from HelpSpot into Thermostat you can create the fields here as well.

Creating the sending trigger

Now that Thermostat and HelpSpot are linked and the survey is set up to receive HelpSpot request IDs we can set up a trigger in HelpSpot to send out our survey link.

  1. In Thermostat, select link, then Copy the link to your survey
  2. Login to HelpSpot
  3. Click on Admin > Triggers & Rules > Triggers (You can also use an automation to send the survey as well. Which one you use will depend on the criteria you want to use to send out your survey link)
  4. Create a new Trigger with the desired criteria for when you want to send out a survey. For example you may want to send a survey when a request is closed with the status of "Problem Solved."
  5. Add an Email Customer action. In the body of this email we will include a link with the xrequest parameter appended as a url variable. We will then automatically fill in the xrequest by using the ##REQUESTID## placeholder. A complete link will look like this: 
    <a href=https://thermostat.io/s/thesurveyid?xrequest=##REQUESTID##>Let us know how we did!</a>
  6. If you wish to add other custom fields to be passed into Thermostat you can do so by adding additional parameters to the url in the form of &thermostatcustomfieldname=##CUSTOMFIELDTAG##

After the trigger is saved HelpSpot will begin emailing customers their unique survey links. As customers answer the survey results will flow back into HelpSpot.

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