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4.7. Connecting To A Network File Share For Attachment Storage

HelpSpot installs based on IIS can be configured to store their attachments on a network file share allowing the file storage duties to be offloaded from the application server. IIS needs to be configured properly to allow it to write to network file systems.

  1. Open the IIS Manager
  2. Find your app pool for HelpSpot and open up the advanced settings
  3. Set the identity to a user that has access to the local helpspot install and to the network file share you plan on using

  4. Open up your website in the IIS manager and select the authentication options.
  5. Edit the anonymous authentication settings and select the application pool identity.
  6. Restart IIS
  7. Go your HelpSpot admin screen and click on settings
  8. Edit the attachment file system directory setting to point at the UNC path of your file store
  9. When you save the settings HelpSpot will verify that it can write to that directory
  10. Migrate your existing files to that new file store location.

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