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4.4. 508 Portal Template Changes

For HelpSpot v5 we've updated the portal themes to better accommodate section 508 compliance which makes it more accessible to people with disabilities.

The portals didn't need a lot of changes to make the necessary improvements but we wanted to highlight all that was required so you can adjust any portals that you may have customized.

The first main change was the colors in the CSS. The .required and .tag-sep classes need more contrasting colors to go with the backgrounds. For example, in the required class on the default portal, it had a color of red, and now this is changed to #b05050 which gives a better contrast on the white background.

The next change is all tabindex attributes have been removed from form fields, and all fields now have a proper id attribute and matching label.

Finally, in the footer, the search input needed a label.

Those are the primary changes if you'd like to update yours and to help you check your compliance there are a few browser plugins that will automatically check each page and give you a report. One of the most popular is called WAVE.

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